Couples DVD - An Introduction


(R18+) Viewing time: 1 hr 20 mins

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This unique DVD was created for you to explore the beginners practices of Tantra in the comfort and privacy of your own home and is the first in a series of Volume's produced by the Sanctuary to help you create a more fulfilling and loving relationship through the awareness of conscious sexuality.  This DVD is an introduction to Tantra and the contents are similar to experiencing a Tantra Session at the Sanctuary and is also suitable for couple's who have experienced Tantra and wish to refresh the practices. 


  • 1.  Introduction to Tantra
  • 2.  Breathing and grounding techniques to awaken the heart and mind
  • 3.  Cultivation of Sexual Energy which means moving consciousness away from the genitals into a whole body expansion
  • 4.  The roles of the masculine/feminine - the polar opposites of duality to unity
  • 5.  Creating Sacred Space - Eye Gazing into the Heart of Love
  • 6.  Yab Yum - Kama Sutra (taking your relationship from the ordinary to the extraordinary)

    In it's purest essence, Tantra teaches us to celebrate the pleasure, love, joy and freedom of our own sexuality bringing lovemaking into it's highest state of bliss, to go beyond our physical senses of touch, feel, smell and taste into a whole body, heart and spiritual connection and to feel love in all it's purest forms.


    Tantra is more than just great sex; it is a way of life, of truth, of love and connection to all things.

    "I dedicate this DVD to men and women all over the planet, of all races and religions, sharing a passion for spiritual connection and oneness through the sacred and ancient art called Tantra". Catherine Wood - Founder of The Sanctuary of Ananda.