Traditional Floor Massage for Women (Perth)


Nurture your inner Goddess'

An Mo is one of the most healing, sensual, nurturing and relaxing experiences you can give to your body, mind and spirit

An Mo is an ancient chinese massage technique. It uses pressing and rubbing movements for relaxing and strengthening the muscles and joints. During the massage, heat and movement of Qi (life force energy) increases as well as blood flow which stimulates sensual energy (Ching) which then moves and flows through the muscles and joints causing the spirit (Shen) to awaken.  A range of different fabrics and textures are also used on your body to stimulate the sensory nerve endings of the skin.  This brings deep relaxation through the sensual feel and touch of this incredibly unique massage.  The session ends with a hot towel treatment, shower and refreshments whilst you float back to the world.

Floor Massage – Cost:  $297 (Duration 2 hours)

***Female Practitioners Only***


The Sanctuary of Ananda Perth

Please Note:  There is no sexual gratification or intrusiveness of any kind during this session.  All sessions at the Sanctuary of Ananda are facilitated in a safe professional space of authenticity and integrity.