The Moon Inside You DVD


This has to be one of the most profound and informative DVDs created on the topic of menstruation and is a MUST SEE for all women, especially young ladies moving into this new phase of their life.

My Tantra Master often shares with me that when a woman is on the 'path' looking after her body is essential although it is important to not become 'obsessed' with the external body as this becomes a path of 'involution', but rather to look after and keep the body at it's maximum and optimum peak through balance, this is what the Masters refer to as 'evolution'.  A woman's cycle is connected to the wisdom of the moon phases even in menopause.  It doesn't matter where her cycle falls on in the moon phase, what is important he told me is that she is in tune with her body.

The Moon Inside you is a lighthearted and very entertaining look at menstruation and how claiming the experience can empower women's lives.

The documentary The Moon Inside You is the director's personal journey in which she explores how we, both women and men, experience menstruation and what it says about our western society.

Written and directed by Diana Fabianova.