NEW BOOK RELEASE!!! The Way of the Heart - The Ananda Shop
NEW BOOK RELEASE!!! The Way of the Heart - The Ananda Shop
NEW BOOK RELEASE!!! The Way of the Heart - The Ananda Shop

The Way of the Heart


The Way of the Heart is also NOW available as an e-book.

As women, we are constantly giving and nourishing outwardly to everything and everyone around us.  We sometimes forget the most important person we need to nourish first is ourselves.  The Way of the Heart gently and lovingly guides you on a journey to "know thyself" to integrate self-love, self-knowledge and self-realization. 

When we live from the heart we will find the essence to all things and from that essence we will discover peace, unconditional love, empowerment and the ability to weave all things in consciousness. 

This is a beautifully presented work book for all women to explore the spiritual foundations of Tantra and the perfect gift to treat yourself or that special lady in your life. 

Featuring chapters on:

  • Understanding the soul nature and what is personality
  • Breathing and grounding techniques
  • Masculine and feminine roles and energy
  • Your orgasmic potential
  • Breast care
  • Womb care
  • Embracing your sacred sexuality


Easy to read, understand and follow, practical self journaling guide to enabling you to understand the history and practice of Tantra for women. 
An enlightening light read, helping you to know your body, love your body and how to take a clear self approach to the joy and journey of Tantra. 
Empowering and connecting the self with the soul.  Fascinated by the journey. Michele Vos Castle (Complete Feng Shui)


Absolutely loved reading The Way of the Heart- it gave so much knowledge in an easy to understand way. As an added bonus, there are exercises and tools for practices to use in everyday life. Thank you Cathy for sharing your knowledge.  Roslyn (Li’lanthe Wellness)

Hard Copy Book 55 Pages

Published by Creatavision Publishing 

RRP $24.99 including postage and handling within Australia

Easter special $17.97******