Pelvic Floor Yoni Egg - Secrets of the Goddess - The Ananda Shop
Pelvic Floor Yoni Egg - Secrets of the Goddess - The Ananda Shop
Pelvic Floor Yoni Egg - Secrets of the Goddess
Pelvic Floor Yoni Egg - Secrets of the Goddess
Pelvic Floor Yoni Egg - Secrets of the Goddess
Pelvic Floor Yoni Egg - Secrets of the Goddess
Pelvic Floor Yoni Egg - Secrets of the Goddess

Pelvic Floor Yoni Egg - Secrets of the Goddess

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"Yoni Eggs eggs are an ancient goddess secret dating back 1000's of years which are used for healing and vitality"

Serpentine New Jade gets it's name from the word 'serpent' because it resembles the skin of a snake.  Serpentine makes an excellent meditation stone that brings about a state of Santi (inner spiritual peace).  Serpentine Jade can aid in the healing of the kidney's (which is a composite of female ejaculation) as well as menstrual issues and women who are unable reach orgasm due to stress and tension.

USING A YONI EGG - What you should know

Jade Eggs, often called Yoni Eggs (yoni referring to vagina or vulva) can be made out of many different types of minerals or crystals; from Nephrite and Serpentine, to Rose Quartz and Obsidian.

There are many benefits in using a yoni egg. However, there are a few things to take into consideration before beginning any practice with any type of yoni egg.
Firstly, please be aware of the type of egg you are purchasing. There is no such thing as ‘the right egg’ or the ‘right jade’ or the 'prettier looking egg' or a ‘feminine egg. Please use your absolute discernment and intuition when researching this ancient practice.

The reason that I sell and personally prefer to use Serpentine Jade Eggs (often called ‘New Jade’) and also White Jade is because of tradition. Eastern Tradition throughout millennia, especially in all women’s practices, is considered ‘Sacred’. This includes yoni eggs, breast massage, womb meditations, yoni mapping, yoni reflexology and feminine practices. Thus, for example if you do ‘breast massage’ it is from an Eastern Tradition.

Throughout tradition, Nephrite Jade is considered to be the symbol of ‘death’. There are many symbols associated with death and Nephrite was and still is used today to guard corpses. The evidence of this is far and wide, especially in Egypt in the Pyramids where the tombs of mummies have been found to have Nephrite placed inside all of their orifices. This is just but one reason why my own female Daoist teachers prefer to use Serpentine New Jade. In fact, they do not understand why the West uses Nephrite Jade internally as they use beautiful Nephrite for jewelry. Of course you don’t have to believe in tradition at all. Everyone has the free will to choose what is right for them, but it is however considered to be what is known as ‘Spiritual Antiquity’ (referring to that which is sacred and antique).

There is also the fact to consider who made and handled your egg. After all, if you are going to be inserting the egg into your precious yoni, the most sacred of all chambers, it is important to know this. Because everything is a symbol of astral energy (astral meaning emotion, desire and feelings) and some astral energy is esoterically known as ‘glamour’. Which means ‘false belief that the personality likes and agrees with and therefore creates as its own belief and reality’.

Also, how do you know 100% that your egg was not made from slave labour as so many yoni eggs are manufactured this way. Slave labour will have an energetic astral effect on the egg which will codify and hold the trauma that was used to create it. This means a woman using a yoni egg can be connected to this energy especially if she is sensitive to the astral planes. All the while she is trying to use the egg to become perhaps more feminine, connected to her womb, spiritual or orgasmic.

There are also some manufacturers who dye their eggs and use paraffin wax which is not acceptable at all as it causes major damage to the delicate membrane tissue inside the vaginal canal. I have been using the Serpentine new jade egg for over 20 years now and I know personally the lovely lady who hand carves the eggs that I sell to you. These eggs have also been verified as authentic Serpentine New Jade by an established laboratory here in Perth, Western Australia.

So, it is vitally important for me that I share the most authentic knowledge possible as I care about you and all women. After all, what I am selling and teaching has huge karmic consequences if I don’t and it is also important for me to guide you to become more aware of what you put inside your beautiful body and why.

One of the statements that I live by is checking in with myself honestly and asking “to what purpose does this serve”. To what actual purpose are you purchasing a yoni egg for?

On a physical level the egg is excellent for medical reasons such as a mild prolapse (always get checked thoroughly by a medical specialist if you suspect you have any type of prolapse). The egg also helps strengthen the pelvic floor which is a wonderful tool for all women especially after child birth or where there are any issues of incontinence.

Symbolically the yoni egg can be used by women to embody and connect deeper to their femininity and enhancing orgasmic pleasure. The egg can also be used to reclaim that which was taken from a woman like her self-esteem, self-worth, self-love and sexual power. Physiologically the egg connects you to your womb and symbolizes birth, sexual energy, femininity and creating a sacred space for self.

In fact the egg can be a symbol of whatever your intent is for using the egg and what spiritually symbolizes to YOU. It is the state of mind that matters, not the egg or crystal and its association.

It is important to be aware that the yoni egg is NOT recommended to be used every day. The female body, particularly the lower abdominals was not designed for crystal eggs to be placed in the vagina all day and all night and especially doing really hard repetitive muscular squeezing. Over time, this can crush your organs internally.

Because the pelvic floor is in a constant state of forced tension it can cause the bladder to not empty properly. This greatly increases the risk of UTI’s, particularly in peri-menopausal women. For some women the vagina becomes too dry and, if there is too much tension, sexual intercourse can become painful because the muscles are too tight due to the pelvic floor not knowing how to relax anymore. Ironically, this can hinder a woman’s orgasmic pleasure and sensitivity in her yoni instead of enhancing it.

So using a yoni egg is not ALL about insertion and squeezing away tightly day and night to your heart's content - just to embody your sensual Goddess orgasmic self! There are specific ways in which to use the eggs which range from ‘whisper to firm’ pelvic squeezes, to meditation, movement and intent.

In the year 2020 I had mesh removed from around my bladder that had been there for 15 years due to a slight bladder prolapse from birthing two babies and as a result I have been consulting with experts in their field of women’s pelvic health. I have now discovered that there is evidence that women who over use crystal dildo’s with force are more at risk of vaginal prolapse and of course all of the above information that I have shared. After my mesh was removed I was warned that I would probably be incontinent to some degree. I am so happy to share that due to my long history with the egg I have absolutely no incontinence at all, which is an incredible blessing.

There is so much more to this ancient practice than meets the eye and please know that everything that I have shared here is of course only food for thought. I am certainly not telling anyone what they have to do. The best advice I can give you is to use your discernment. Do your homework and seek out authentic experienced teachers of this beautiful and sacred practice.

Sending you so much love and Goddess bliss on your healing journey today.

Catherine Wood
Founder of the Sanctuary of Ananda and The Australian Institute of Tantra Training



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Please click on this link to listen to our audio program on how to use your yoni egg.  This also includes a small meditation.

Please note:  Full information is also sent on how to use and care for your egg.  We do not recommend using a yoni egg during pregnancy. 

SIZE 40 x 25mm

Please note:  **********Our eggs are hand made and come in a variety of shades of green with white flecks.  The colour of your egg will depend on what we have in stock at the time of your order.