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The Awakening of Self-Realization June 07 2015

The journey of Tantra is extraordinary, life changing and awakening. For it is the journey of self – realization and the path of duality to unity.

The true teachings of authentic Tantra are in actual fact not of a sexual nature, the sexual aspects of Kaula Tantra (Western Tantra) are in fact the essence of the human desire within the human kingdom only, the higher forms of Tantra known as Mishra and Samaya teaches one to know ‘thyself intimately’

So what then does duality to unity actually referred to in the deepest teachings of Tantra?

Our earth is often referred to as ‘Mother Earth’, Gai, Yin the giver of life and the sustenance of all. The earth relates to matter which is the FEMININE component, hence ‘spirit’ refers to the counterpart of the Masculine. Matter always merges with spirit and matter and spirit create the soul. DUALITY to UNITY.

This is the reason why women in the human form are magnetically charged towards the masculine for biological reasons plus the feminine is the receptive nature and the masculine is the projected through the positive charge.

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Tantric Sacred Union June 07 2015

Whether we are aware of it or not, every human being is engaged in some form of sexual practice which can vary from thoughts to actions, indulgence to abstinence. Sexuality is indeed the most powerful force in human nature and most people will feel at their best when they are confident, joyous and content around their sexuality.

Sex like anything in life has to be learned and what an exciting discovery to behold. After many years of studying and teaching in the field of Tantra I teach there are two major ingredients to the act of “good sex” known in Tantric terminology as “Sacred Union” and that is emotional sex and physical sex.

When we concentrate and focus on the exploration of emotional sex first, we integrate all of the principles of friendship, trust, communication, joy, safety and love into our sacred union, this builds the core foundation for intimacy. There is no greater liberation than allowing ourselves the freedom to surrender to the deepest abyss of the oceans of our emotions, from our light to our dark. To feel vulnerable present and safe with our beloved allows our hearts to open and connect deeper into the heart of Sacred Love. 

The practice of Tantra teaches us to become the witness, the observer of the play of life and the roles of the masculine/feminine at play. A woman embodied in her heart, her Shakti will know instinctively how to honor and appreciate her lover. For him, her femininity feeds him nourishment and love and becomes an insatiable thirst to let her go. A man embodied in his Shiva essence, the powerful wise and strong yet gentle and aware masculine will understand how to cherish his woman and saturate her with his love, he will know how to touch her, where to touch her, what to say, when to say it and when to walk away. This is one of the reasons throughout time men were known as "gentlemen". They knew how to treat and respect a lady. It is only through his Shiva presence that a woman will feel safe, safe to surrender to the power of the flame and passion; she will know in that moment that she represents every woman in the Universe to her beloved.

When Sacred Space is celebrated in this joyous harmonious dance, we experience the union of duality, spirituality and love through the soul, physical ecstasy through the body and the senses and the spirit come alive, fully conscious of the unconscious. This is the merging of emotional and physical sex called “Tantric Sacred Union” or Unity. 

As you experience higher stages of orgasm and love, all boundaries will dissolve, allowing you to merge with your higher self and spirit as well as the entire Universe. These states are indescribable.

It is like an endless wave, there is no beginning, no end, a beautiful ocean of eternal bliss, the journey of Tantra.

OM Shanti
Cathy Wood

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What is a Soul Mate? April 16 2015

There has been so many articles written on the topic of the soul mate and each and every one will have their own unique interpretation of what a soul mate is. This of course will also depend on past relationship experiences like falling in love, romantic movies, and literature we have read. Information and experiences that we assimilate from our world then becomes a construct for our core beliefs.

According to the teachings of the “Yoga Sutra’s of Patanjali” the deepest authentic teachings of Tantra and the journey of the Light of the Soul, an actual soul mate is extremely rare to find. I guess in theory, one could say we are all soul mates because we are all connected to the one source, however there is a distinct difference when it comes to a Sacred Love Soul Mate.

For those that have not heard of the 7 RAY TYPES, I really encourage you to seek authentic books and information on this subject because the source is an authentic and true awakening to understand and learn about the RAYS. Kurt Abraham is a brilliant author of many books written on the 7 RAYS. Basically the soul incarnates in each life time on one of the 7 Rays. The entire universe is governed by structure, boundaries and rules both on the earth plane and in the hierarchy of the Spiritual Logos. The astral body which is the emotional body often referred to as the personality also incarnates on a separate RAY type. 

Each RAY has its own unique journey of gifts and talents to share learn and grow from each incarnation. For example Mother Teresa is on the RAY TYPE 2 which is “Love and Wisdom”. One of my sons who is extremely intelligent “mentally polarized” is on RAY 3 which is more of the mental plane and usually you will find accountants, lawyers etc. reside on this RAY.

As the RAY’S impart their gifts, they also experience the duality of challenges and conflicts. RAY type 2 make profound healers and light workers, however the duality of this RAY type is constant challenges around “boundaries”. What comes easy to RAY type 2 (sharing and giving love) also becomes a challenge to know when to give love, and when to practice self-preservation.

Many souls gravitate to another Ray type that is not on their type simply for learning, growth and expansion. Those that connect on the same Ray type will more than usually be life time friends because it is “easy to understand each other” on so many levels. 

My partner for example is on RAY type 3 which is more of the mental plane and I am on RAY type 2 which is more of the emotional plane of love and wisdom. However, both our Astral RAY types are on the same RAY and therefore we are compatible in the unity of perfect intuition, each one knowing what the other one is feeling and being able to read each other perfectly because the astral body is about emotions and communication. Our soul RAY Types are not compatible, however that does not mean that we are not able to function in a beautiful loving harmonious relationship, it simply means our souls can greatly benefit from the gifts each one brings into our journey. After all, relationships are a mirror of reflection for learning, growth and expansion.

So according to the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali the definition of a true “soul mate” is when two people have compatible RAY types of both the SOUL as well as the ASTRAL body. This is the true alignment of what the West refer to as “Soul Mate” as all of the RAYS are aligned. This of course is an extremely powerful union both in the physical and the spiritual.

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Tantric Orgasm October 22 2014

Before, during and after orgasm the mind becomes super sensitive to heightened states of super sensitivity. During orgasm the body goes into a state of “no time” all time stops and the direction of energy is flooded into the entire nervous system and focuses on all sensations and sexual secretions in the body. This is one of the reasons why Tantra explores all of the senses, to be conscious of the unconscious.

Because of this super sensitivity, it is important to be mindful of only sharing love, approval and respect to your partner as many sexual dysfunctions and disorders have been caused by an insensitive partner saying the wrong thing during this sacred moment. Negative energy including words can dramatically affect the body’s energy field during this time as the energy and psychic centers are open.

After orgasm the body goes into heightened states of tranquility. This happens because the pituitary gland that control hormones for sleep, send these hormones into the endocrine system. That is why the “after glow” is often known to be a “tranquilizer”. What is so interesting about this phenomena is that due to intense sexual stimulation the pineal gland will also secrete a hormone called “gonadotropins”. Science has shown that gonadotropins dramatically reduce the aging process and it is one of the profound secrets of the Master Taoists and Tantrika’s.

Women are usually more energized after sex whilst a man will be more affected by the tranquil effect of orgasm. This is because a woman’s energy is likened to water, whilst a man’s is like fire. Water can put fire out too quickly leaving a man feeling tired thus feeling this 'tranquil effect' too quickly, whereas a woman’s waters have been warmed hence 'energized'. This is also one of the reasons that for men who ejaculate frequently often find that the sleep hormones have very little effect as they grow older, aging and depleting the body rapidly.

Sexual energy is a potent health elixir if used correctly and the benefits are amazing. Imagine having the potential to orgasm without touching yourself or getting undressed purely to use the energy to heal your body, mind and spirit. 

We learn in Tantra that a fabulous orgasm can be as equivalent to enjoying a connected embrace, a passionate kiss, a blissful moment in time, tasting delicious food and watching a beautiful sunset. We have been taught that orgasm is purely genital (lower base chakra) and that is only one tiny aspect of the pleasure, power and magnificence of our own sexual energy.

Tao and Tantra teach that sexual energy if fully understood and used wisely can dramatically reduce the aging process and produce vibrant health. Sexual energy is the medicine of life, using it carelessly becomes the body’s greatest poison.

An ancient Tao teaching states:

It is because of sex we are born and it is because of sex we will die…… 

Courtesy The Sanctuary of Ananda

TRUTH - Living in a dual world October 12 2014

Tantra teaches that everything in our cosmos is an integration of DUALITY to UNITY. We have the sun-moon, day-night, hot-cold, heaven-hell, masculine-feminine, conscious- unconscious, both polar opposites; however one doesn’t exist without the other. Tantra teaches to share “to convey” to merge, to weave, to expand and in this sharing we have the opportunity to see through the veil of illusion to witness the play in both dualities of the shadow self and the higher self.

The shadow or “Kali” as it is referred to in Tantra, is our distorted perception and belief centre of our reality, constructed through our lower personality nature from experiences of wounding, the shadow referring to; anger, sadness, frustration, fear, all of the filters of the “lower worlds”. The light represents the truth of our higher self, our higher nature and that of the higher personality and that of the soul. The soul only understands love that resonates within the kingdom of the divine, that which is UNITY bringing together all of the consciousness of humanity in a powerful beacon of joy and unconditional love.

Sometimes when we look deeply into a person, we may see glimpses of both their light and their dark, the duality of who they are and the persona “mask” they wear in their reality. On occasion we may have an opportunity to reveal and share this “truth” through heart space. This truth can reveal the light “positives” in a person and when shared can make them feel amazing, elated, grateful, happy, understanding and empowered, therefore their personality will probably put you on a pedestal and you will become the most amazing person in their eyes and they will unconsciously depend on you for their happiness because the personality has constructed a reality that you are the one that makes them feel good. If on the other hand you need to reveal their blind spots, their shadow “negative” aspects of self, their personality will most probably rebuke, it will get angry, it will suddenly take you off the pedestal and put you in the pit; why? Because you didn’t make them feel good and the lower personality has its own identity and will always at all costs think and believe its views of the world is correct and you are wrong and all the blame will be projected at you. Exposing blind spots can be a shattering and sometimes agonizing experience for the personality to go through, its identity does not want to hear it and will either run, disappear, gossip, defame, bitch, become angry, go into fear and or become silent and ignore you and pretend you don’t exist. This pattern will repeat itself constantly over many incarnations if not recognized, avoidance is not the key, steadfastness and discernment is.

I once went through an experience where my lower personality temporarily turned on my own teacher, conjuring up distorted delusions that it was all his fault that all this “negative stuff” was happening in my life and my life was not going the way I wanted it to, he is obviously not a good teacher, I have been fooled and the personality was fed up and looking for an answer and something to point the finger at to blame so if I blamed him it felt better and I didn’t have to look deeper into me.

Seeing truth of both the higher self and the lower self is an absolutely vital and necessary part of the path to spiritual salvation. One cannot progress towards “light” until their “blind spots” (shadow) has been seen, uncovered, witnessed acknowledged, and LOVED. Harmlessness is one of the most important teachings in the highest form of Samaya Tantra, it is the biggest revelation of forging the way towards our authentic self and finding the courage and humbleness to own our stuff, see our shadow, and the biggest gift is forgiveness within unconditional love of self, others and the one that loved you enough to show you the veil of illusion. This is the true journey of the highest form of Tantric practice.

I thank all of my teachers, friends, family and my gorgeous man for showing and sharing with me more of my dualities. You are all my mirrors, my reflections and I am incredibly blessed to be celebrating the path of self-realization.

Cathy Wood



Kissing May 28 2014

Life force energy referred to as prana, chi, manna, ki is derived from sun, air, food and water.  Every day the body absorbs this previous elixir and turns into energy, fuel for the human body.  This energy is stored in the hara, tan Tien and in the White tigress practices "the cauldron" and is located 2 to 3 finger widths underneath the belly button.  This is the fuel tank or the energy tank of the body, like a fuel tank of a car.

Chi is absorbed through the mouth and eyes in both men and women; however women also absorb chi through their nipples and men through the head of his lingam (the dragonhead).  This is one of the reasons kissing inspires so much sexual passion through "a double chi charge" especially when the tongue is also involved.  The tongue is the last place in the human body that dies; it can also activate all of the sensory receptor nerve endings in the entire body allowing the body to remember play and youthfulness to explore your partner on many levels.  Increased saliva is another benefit of kissing, saliva in Tantra is known as the "divine water" and is precious nourishment for the body as well as aiding the digestion process and helps maintain healthy teeth and gums.

One of the most amazing tantric practices is kissing the entire body from head to foot, to explore your partners body with your tongue and lips, tasting, smelling, touching feeling and seeing.  Kissing the top lip of a woman and the small of her chin can be highly arousing for her and kissing, breathing gently into the Ajna (third eye chakra) can be highly intoxicating for a man.  The act of kissing deeply stimulates passion and creates beautiful erotic intimacy.  So next time you are kissing your partner, let the romance come alive and explore a world with no beginning, no end.

Happy kissing everyone :-)

Copyright The Sanctuary of Ananda 2014

Contaminated Sexual Energy April 10 2014

Contaminated Sexual Energy, sexual energy that is used with intent for purely glamour and selfish gratification is the path of INVOLUTION the true meaning according to the Masters of what is known as “the original sin". 

Sacred Sex (Tantra/Kama Sutra/Tao) is created to be a merging of the polar opposites of the masculine feminine, both within spirit and of the physical plane, it is the merging of the senses, the nadis, the meridians, known as (microcosmic orbit), the physical body and it is the unity of the heart.  Sex between two people is intended to share "convey" energy with another as an honoring of this wisdom. 

That is why I for one believe in the importance of making love with someone who has the same or very similar understanding, vibration and energy as me.  Anything less is of no desire to me and an absolute waste of time.  Seriously why would I want to have sex with someone just for genital pleasure, validation, a need for personality gratification, a need to "BONK".  Everything in their astral body merges and shares with mine and if we don't vibrate at similar levels and there's is of lower vibration, I will be allowing that into me.  "Astral Imprint" my past I have done this UNCONSCIOUSLY, now that I have a deeper understanding I have CONSCIOUS SEX by choice.  I have paid the price dearly in the past of the side effects of contaminated sexual energy that is not clean. 

9 Years ago when I embarked on this path as a Tantra Teacher, I would sometimes get ill after working with a client who had sex addiction, dark porn addiction etc.  I did not know at the time what their story was as most clients never divulge the skeletons out of the closet, however my body knew, my soul knew, and I wasn't even having intercourse with them, only deep intimate tantric touch, yet my heart was still merging with them.  It has taken me a long time to see this, being the observer of the play, working with Masters that opened doorways for me to see the "blind spots" I was missing and then to put steps in place with intent to not allow this energy to no longer affect me in a teaching capacity. 

The practice of Tantra is an awakening of the higher self; it is a doorway into the Divine of self-realization, self-love and self knowing. 

Tantra is "know thyself" then "know the partner you are making love with" then take this intimacy out into the cosmos, the oneness in all things.