The Awakening of Self-Realization June 07 2015

The journey of Tantra is extraordinary, life changing and awakening. For it is the journey of self – realization and the path of duality to unity.

The true teachings of authentic Tantra are in actual fact not of a sexual nature, the sexual aspects of Kaula Tantra (Western Tantra) are in fact the essence of the human desire within the human kingdom only, the higher forms of Tantra known as Mishra and Samaya teaches one to know ‘thyself intimately’

So what then does duality to unity actually referred to in the deepest teachings of Tantra?

Our earth is often referred to as ‘Mother Earth’, Gai, Yin the giver of life and the sustenance of all. The earth relates to matter which is the FEMININE component, hence ‘spirit’ refers to the counterpart of the Masculine. Matter always merges with spirit and matter and spirit create the soul. DUALITY to UNITY.

This is the reason why women in the human form are magnetically charged towards the masculine for biological reasons plus the feminine is the receptive nature and the masculine is the projected through the positive charge.

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