Tantric Orgasm

Tantric Orgasm

Before, during and after orgasm the mind becomes super sensitive to heightened states of super sensitivity. During orgasm the body goes into a state of “no time” all time stops and the direction of energy is flooded into the entire nervous system and focuses on all sensations and sexual secretions in the body. This is one of the reasons why Tantra explores all of the senses, to be conscious of the unconscious.

Because of this super sensitivity, it is important to be mindful of only sharing love, approval and respect to your partner as many sexual dysfunctions and disorders have been caused by an insensitive partner saying the wrong thing during this sacred moment. Negative energy including words can dramatically affect the body’s energy field during this time as the energy and psychic centers are open.

After orgasm the body goes into heightened states of tranquility. This happens because the pituitary gland that control hormones for sleep, send these hormones into the endocrine system. That is why the “after glow” is often known to be a “tranquilizer”. What is so interesting about this phenomena is that due to intense sexual stimulation the pineal gland will also secrete a hormone called “gonadotropins”. Science has shown that gonadotropins dramatically reduce the aging process and it is one of the profound secrets of the Master Taoists and Tantrika’s.

Women are usually more energized after sex whilst a man will be more affected by the tranquil effect of orgasm. This is because a woman’s energy is likened to water, whilst a man’s is like fire. Water can put fire out too quickly leaving a man feeling tired thus feeling this 'tranquil effect' too quickly, whereas a woman’s waters have been warmed hence 'energized'. This is also one of the reasons that for men who ejaculate frequently often find that the sleep hormones have very little effect as they grow older, aging and depleting the body rapidly.

Sexual energy is a potent health elixir if used correctly and the benefits are amazing. Imagine having the potential to orgasm without touching yourself or getting undressed purely to use the energy to heal your body, mind and spirit. 

We learn in Tantra that a fabulous orgasm can be as equivalent to enjoying a connected embrace, a passionate kiss, a blissful moment in time, tasting delicious food and watching a beautiful sunset. We have been taught that orgasm is purely genital (lower base chakra) and that is only one tiny aspect of the pleasure, power and magnificence of our own sexual energy.

Tao and Tantra teach that sexual energy if fully understood and used wisely can dramatically reduce the aging process and produce vibrant health. Sexual energy is the medicine of life, using it carelessly becomes the body’s greatest poison.

An ancient Tao teaching states:

It is because of sex we are born and it is because of sex we will die…… 

Courtesy The Sanctuary of Ananda