Life force energy referred to as prana, chi, manna, ki is derived from sun, air, food and water.  Every day the body absorbs this previous elixir and turns into energy, fuel for the human body.  This energy is stored in the hara, tan Tien and in the White tigress practices "the cauldron" and is located 2 to 3 finger widths underneath the belly button.  This is the fuel tank or the energy tank of the body, like a fuel tank of a car.

Chi is absorbed through the mouth and eyes in both men and women; however women also absorb chi through their nipples and men through the head of his lingam (the dragonhead).  This is one of the reasons kissing inspires so much sexual passion through "a double chi charge" especially when the tongue is also involved.  The tongue is the last place in the human body that dies; it can also activate all of the sensory receptor nerve endings in the entire body allowing the body to remember play and youthfulness to explore your partner on many levels.  Increased saliva is another benefit of kissing, saliva in Tantra is known as the "divine water" and is precious nourishment for the body as well as aiding the digestion process and helps maintain healthy teeth and gums.

One of the most amazing tantric practices is kissing the entire body from head to foot, to explore your partners body with your tongue and lips, tasting, smelling, touching feeling and seeing.  Kissing the top lip of a woman and the small of her chin can be highly arousing for her and kissing, breathing gently into the Ajna (third eye chakra) can be highly intoxicating for a man.  The act of kissing deeply stimulates passion and creates beautiful erotic intimacy.  So next time you are kissing your partner, let the romance come alive and explore a world with no beginning, no end.

Happy kissing everyone :-)

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