Sacred sex for tantra

Contaminated Sexual Energy

Contaminated Sexual Energy, sexual energy that is used with intent for purely glamour and selfish gratification is the path of INVOLUTION the true meaning according to the Masters of what is known as “the original sin". 

Sacred Sex (Tantra/Kama Sutra/Tao) is created to be a merging of the polar opposites of the masculine feminine, both within spirit and of the physical plane, it is the merging of the senses, the nadis, the meridians, known as (microcosmic orbit), the physical body and it is the unity of the heart.  Sex between two people is intended to share "convey" energy with another as an honoring of this wisdom. 

That is why I for one believe in the importance of making love with someone who has the same or very similar understanding, vibration and energy as me.  Anything less is of no desire to me and an absolute waste of time.  Seriously why would I want to have sex with someone just for genital pleasure, validation, a need for personality gratification, a need to "BONK".  Everything in their astral body merges and shares with mine and if we don't vibrate at similar levels and there's is of lower vibration, I will be allowing that into me.  "Astral Imprint" my past I have done this UNCONSCIOUSLY, now that I have a deeper understanding I have CONSCIOUS SEX by choice.  I have paid the price dearly in the past of the side effects of contaminated sexual energy that is not clean. 

9 Years ago when I embarked on this path as a Tantra Teacher, I would sometimes get ill after working with a client who had sex addiction, dark porn addiction etc.  I did not know at the time what their story was as most clients never divulge the skeletons out of the closet, however my body knew, my soul knew, and I wasn't even having intercourse with them, only deep intimate tantric touch, yet my heart was still merging with them.  It has taken me a long time to see this, being the observer of the play, working with Masters that opened doorways for me to see the "blind spots" I was missing and then to put steps in place with intent to not allow this energy to no longer affect me in a teaching capacity. 

The practice of Tantra is an awakening of the higher self; it is a doorway into the Divine of self-realization, self-love and self knowing. 

Tantra is "know thyself" then "know the partner you are making love with" then take this intimacy out into the cosmos, the oneness in all things.