Online Internationally Certified Tantra Training Module 1
Online Internationally Certified Tantra Training Module 1

Online Internationally Certified Tantra Training Module 1

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Online Internationally Certified Tantra Training Module 1

This exceptional training is a personalized introduction to the foundation teachings of Tantra, Tantric Massage, Body work and Esoteric Philosophy.

Module 1 is the journey of ‘know thyself’ which dives deeply into the Tantra and Esoteric Philosophy and also includes the sexual and sensuality practices.  This module will help you to learn and discern what is your higher self is and what your triad, the personality is, and how to train the personality to walk willingly with the soul.  There are also practices and meditations as well as reading material and videos.  It is important to remember that every single person will walk their spiritual journey in their own unique way.  For some, that means ritual and rhythm making sure they have practices to follow each day.  For others, they may follow the path of learning to be more, to slow down and turn the car engine off.  

Why train with AITT:

  • We have been officially operating since 2004 
  • We are a very proud Platinum Approved Training Provider with IICT (International Institute of Complementary Therapists) and a Silver Ambassador Member with IICT  
  • You will be eligible for Insurance through IICT Membership after completing Module 3
  • We have 20 years of study and hands on experience teaching in all fields of Tantra right through from Pleasure to Tantric Massage and Esoteric Wisdom
  • We have over 60,000 followers on face book, one of the largest Tantra following's in Australia and New Zealand
  • Our training classes adhere to strict and professional Standards and AITT's (The Australian Institute of Tantra Training) Code of Conduct

 What you will learn:

  • The philosophy and a general overview of Eastern and Western Tantra brief description of the meaning of Esoteric Teachings (Mystery teachings of the East)
  • What is soul consciousness and what is the personality nature?
  • The quality of your soul
  • What is glamour on the spiritual path?
  • How to achieve stillness and live a life of Shanti (spiritual peace)
  • Masculine YANG Shiva and Feminine YIN Shakti - meanings, concepts and energy
  • Ritual – Mantra – Mudra
  • The Stages of Psychic Growth
  • Pranayama – Concentration and Meditation
  • What is Sexual Energy and how to cultivate to higher consciousness
  • A brief summary of the Sanskrit Chakra System and their role in Tantra and Healing
  • Communication skills to assist and empower you in every area of your life
  • Yoni and Lingam Sensual Massage Demonstrations on props
  • Tantra Exercises for Men
  • Tantra Exercises for Women

 The Online Certified Training consists of:

  • 4 x 1.5 hours recorded Tantra Training Webinars
  • 1 private one on one zoom or phone session (1 hour) with Catherine Wood – Founder of AITT
  • One written assignment
  • Certified Module 1 Manual (147 Pages of Content)
  • Certified Module 2 Manual (15 Pages of Content)
  • Over three hours of in-depth video content – 17 Individual Tantra Exercises, Techniques and Meditations
  • Five recorded meditation classes
  • Two Tantra Audio Programs for Women and Men's Tantric Practices 
  • Internationally Certified Certificate