Kama Sutras Intensify Plus Arousal

Kama Sutras Intensify Plus Arousal

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Kama Sutra's Intensify products will help ignite the pleasure and romance couples seek in the bedroom. They understand wanting the ultimate experience so their products are designed with your needs in mind. Enhance orgasm and sensual touch with the warming sensations of Intensify Plus.

Turn up the heat in the bedroom with Kama Sutras Intensify Plus Arousal love gels. This exclusive gel for women is created from herbal ingredients specially formulated to inspire ultimate bliss. With a selection of either cooling or warming sensations, any woman's preference can be satisfied with this gel. Intensify creates a warming tingle to add sensation and help you reach ultimate satisfaction. Reward yourself with sensual pleasure and order Kama Sutra Intensify Plus today!

  • Warming Gel to encourage female response.
  • Creates a warming, tingling sensation on contact.
  • Used in small amounts, applied externally only.
  • Use Intensify in conjuncture with Pleasure Balm Prolonging for men to achieve the ultimate level of sensual satisfaction. This warming gel's premium ingredients are designed to add to female sensation. With a teasing tingle, this gel will ignite any sensual encounter and deliver maximum pleasure. Explore the power of the Intensify line and allow yourself the bliss you've only imagined.

Directions:  Kama Sutra want to help customers achieve ultimate satisfaction and the best possible experience with the Intensify love gel. A little goes a long way so begin with small applications. Start by adding a drop to any hot spot then lightly massaging the desired area where the warming gel is applied onto the skin. Once the warming properties have taken effect, prepare for pleasure that will send you over the edge. For topical use only. 

    Size: 12 ml, 0.4 fl oz