Tantra Online Course for Women


The Way of the Heart - An Introduction to Tantra for Women

Self-Paced Online Course 

Welcome to The Way of the Heart, an introduction to Tantra for all women 18 years and over (single or partnered).  This unique personalized four week online course was created by the Sanctuary of Ananda for women to learn the foundation principles, philosophy and practices of authentic Tantra in the comfort of your own home. 

Women just like you from all over the world have been crying out to me that they would love to learn The Way of the Heart, however due to travel, distance, time, career, children and many other contributing factors, attending a personal session or workshop with myself is near on impossible.  I have heard your cries and hence have developed a personalised online course system that will provide the necessary tools and techniques based on the philosophy and practices of Tantra. 

As women, we are always giving and nourishing outwardly to everything and everyone around us sometimes forgetting the most important person to be nourished first is self.  The Way of the Heart online course will gently and lovingly guide you on a journey to “know thyself”, integrating self-love, self-knowledge, self-realisation and how to recognise and acknowledge your own inner and outer sacred beauty.  This is the joy of “Santi”, that which inner spiritual peace is. 

About the Creator of the Way of the Heart  

Hi, my name is Catherine Wood and I have been studying and practicing Tantra for the last 25 years and have had the privilege of being taught and trained with some of the world’s most experienced and highly sought after teachers and Masters who I thank dearly for sharing their profound knowledge and wisdom.  Tantra has transformed my life in such a dynamic and profound way, in fact I am so passionate about what I study and teach the veil of illusion keeps lifting and I see life in a more clearer and deeper way.  To feel connected to the Goddess Shakti energy, my own femininity and my ability to love more deeply has enriched my life in ways I can’t even begin to describe. 

The Sanctuary of Ananda (Ananda is an ancient Sanskrit word meaning “ecstasy of love”) was created in 2006 through my vision to support and help people expand their vision and awareness of self-love. The Sanctuary is a Proud Platinum Approved Training Provider and Silver Ambassador with IICT (International Institute for Complementary Therapists). 

The journey I share with you is from personal hands on experience and over ten years of working with clients from all walks of life.  My journey with Tantra has been an amazing transformation, one that has changed my life and over the years, I have come to the realization that Tantra has two individual components.  The first one is focused on the physical aspects of orgasm and touch which the Masters I train with refer to as “the form” (the body).  The second comprises of energy, sexual energy and spirituality.  You can’t have one without the other; the true essence of Tantra is practicing both simultaneously. We are more than our thoughts and we are more than our body.  

Tantra is the ultimate path to self-love, self-knowledge and Sensual Living and I am looking forward to sharing this special and sacred journey with you.  Together, we will delve into the mystery of woman; the mystery of what is feminine energy, the mystery of life in all dualities and how to empower yourself as a woman on every level, physically, emotionally, spiritually and sexually.

Welcome to the journey of The Way of the Heart.